Baby Bump: 19 weeks

dear baby,
you are moving and squirming so much this week! one night i asked your dad to put his hand on my belly because i knew for certain he'd be able to feel you… unfortunately you're just not strong enough for him to feel your little punches yet. next week?
we've thought a lot about names, and we're both a little shocked that we came to an agreement so early! so whether you're a boy or a girl [and we get to find out so soon…please cooperate for your first photo shoot next week, okay?], we have a great name lined up just for you and you alone. at least, we think it's a great name and we really hope you do too.
we've also been talking about your nursery some. geesh! there is just so much to think about, but i promise to have it all ready for your big debut. so stay in there until march, but know that i'll be ready…and will have lots of hugs and kisses for you too.
love, mom

We have our sonogram on THURSDAY. If everything goes well and the baby cooperates, we'll know the sex that day. When Brent proposed…and I promised I'll get to that part of OUR STORY soon…part of the evening included a gift. I opened the bag and pulled out two newborn outfits:
He then said, "I'm so glad that you'll be the mother of my children." Yeah…it's a really good story…bet you can't wait to hear the rest…but that is for another post entirely. Anyway, I pulled out these two outfits the other night and we both had a little moment when we realized one of our big dreams is coming to fruition. Five years later, we're very anxious to put our little bundle in one of these outfits. But which one will it be?! Five more days and then we will know! :-) I'll be sure to keep you all informed as well. [And interestingly enough, the vote has evened out to 50/50! If you haven't voted yet, your time is running out!]


Kali said...

AHHHHH!!! I can see the bump!! You look SO beautiful in that first picture...I think you're getting to that "glowing" part of pregnancy :) Hurry up cuz! Caroline & Ellie want to play! And that was a lot of exclamation points!!!

ashley mcfee said...

I'm banking on boy. Shoot for March 6, that's a good birthday for sweet little boys. :)

momiss said...

March 8 is the full moon. Just so you know. I doubt you'll go far over your due date. Can't wait! Doesn't matter which it is!