This summer has been unbelievably busy already.
Some good busy.
Some just plain busy busy.
Today is busy again. I have my nephews with me and we are getting ready to head to Brent's folks to spend time with the rest of his family that are here visiting because yesterday we had a party for his grandparents' 65 wedding anniversary. [Oh and Saturday we drove to Topeka for a wedding!] I have a couple craft things for my nieces today… because they now expect me to have these things planned! And then I have to head off to a ballgame this evening [summer softball].

But whatever. So is my life.

But this morning…I took 5 minutes to make a cup of DELICIOUSNESS. For Christmas my Aunt Ceann gave me a little bag of heaven in the form of coffee. It is from Ozark Mountain Coffee Company and the flavor is CHOCOLATE CARAMEL TRUFFLE. At first I thought it would be too sweet tasting for me…. but now I know it is delectable.

When friends have come over I have asked them if they like flavored coffee. If there answer is, "Eh, it's okay. I don't mind regular though." Then they definitely don't get any of this bag. If they tell me they like it, and they are a known coffee connoisseur, then I have to cave and share my loot. I probably have enough left to make 8 cups. I hesitate to use it. Often I have made a cup that is pretty weak, just because I don't want to waste any of it. Sometimes I just open the bag and smell it.

Oh deliciousness, thank you for starting this crazy busy day the right way.

Now I must go and lock it up tightly lest someone thinks it's "just another bag of coffee."


Sharon said...

You know your mother loves flavored coffee....and she would share with you.

Tara said...

you're so cute.

i'm kinda on the fence with flavored coffee...i don't really like it at restaurants, but i do like it freshly brewed at someone's home!

in my opinion, it should go something like this:
flavored coffee + plain creamer
plain coffee + flavored creamer

i just can't handle both!