I have been searching for new living room curtains for about a year. I finally found some that I really like, that will match the green that I now only sort of like. [Oh my! I am too fickle!] Anyway, the hope is that as I add accents to match the curtains, that the green will become a good backdrop, and not just a massive color on the huge walls.

I will post pictures once everything is completed, which may be awhile. But here is a sneak peek at the curtains.

I wanted to bring in all the colors that are in them, so I took a blank canvas that my dad no longer needed/wanted, and splashed some color on it. I was happy with the way it turned out, and love the colors up against the wall, which gives me hope that I may really like the transformation.

Next up: Third bedroom needs painted. Hopefully this will be the project of the week! :)

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Brent said...

I really really like the painting you did. It's way good. Perfect match for the living room too.