loose ends

I've finally buckled down and realized that summer is happening around me. Although I'm still finding time to read [and thanks to all of you wonderful blog-followers of mine have an ever-expanding list now of some I'd really like to get my hands on! thanks for the response to this post] , I've also been trying to accomplish some of those tasks that I've been putting off. BUt before I get to those, Brent would like you to know that he cleaned his side of the closet too :-), and it looks fantastic:

He came up with an overflowing basket full of clothes to donate! I'm glad he caught the bug.
I then got our third and final bedroom painted. I haven't taken any pictures of the finish product yet, but I really am pleased with the way it turned out. Maybe I'll post some soon.

Next, I thought I would do a "small" task I had been putting off: cleaning out my bedroom at my parents' house. I honestly thought it would take 3 hours tops, after all, I haven't lived there for a very long time.. Boy was I wrong! I can't even believe how much stuff I had stuffed in every crevice of that closet and the drawers and under the bed and…well, you get the picture. I ended up being over there all day and ended up with 7 trash bags of trash, 6 trash bags STUFFED for goodwill [and only two were clothes, the rest were books, bags, clocks, hats, etc.], and came home with 3 big, plastic totes of stuff. How? How is this even possible? It was fun to reminisce as I pulled out journal after journal after notebook…I had to have written every second of my childhood. Seriously. Everything was documented. Every moment of every vacation and every thought that crossed through my adolescent head. Let's just say it ended up being more than a small task, but my mom is very happy I am done with that. :)

The next day I took down all my curtains. I had just bought them this summer, but all of them needed to be hemmed. So I took them out to my grandma's and we cut and hemmed all day long. I discovered a couple of things: I am not a seamstress. I do not have the patience or a big enough desire for perfect lines to be a seamstress. I'll stick with teaching.

And last but not least….LANDSCAPING!! Hooray! I've been trying to wait patiently, but…as aforementioned this is not my strong suit. So my dad and I were able to go get plants today and then went to work…well, he went work! And it's going to look fantastic.

This is a terribly boring post. I apologize. But it's summer. I haven't been super inspired. But I do have to go grocery shopping soon so maybe that will bring about good fodder? You just never know. :)

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momiss said...

My condolences on having to go to the grocery store. It's a painful trip these days!