recent projects

Dear March,

Where did you go?

Sincerely, Kels

This past month seriously escaped me. I mean, I can look back in my planner and see that I had a meeting here, and there, and there, and there etc., but beyond that I don't really recall March. I have accomplished a lot of little projects here and there, however, and I thought I would just do a quick catch-all to show you that I have been doing SOMETHING, besides laundry and the other usuals, even if it hasn't been blogging:

I finally got around to sewing a button on a pair of Brent's pants. This may not seem like a big deal, and it's not really, but I was semi-proud of myself, and Brent can wear these khakis again.

I have also started writing our love story. I have always wanted to write Brent's and my entire story, from the beginning, but just never quite knew how or where to start it. One of Kali's friends wrote her story for valentine's day this year, and I thoroughly enjoyed it and it was the final push I needed. So in a composition notebook, I have begun scribbling. It will appear here in segments someday.
I have also been trying a lot of new recipes. Some of them I create, others I browse for online, and others I combine a few different recipes here and there. Most have been tasty. Like this one, which was just too pretty and tasty NOT to take a picture of! Yum.

One of my coworkers just recently finished applying for his National Board certification. This is a very lengthy process, and all the teachers at my school that have endured this torture have said it was more difficult than getting their Masters. One evening when Jeremy was at our apartment to watch "Lost," he noticed all the canvases on the walls and in passing said I should paint him a Purdue one [he went to Purdue]. So, when he finally finished his million pages of writing and shipped off everything required for National Boards, I gave him this.

This isn't necessarily a project but... We have been having a wonderful year at school, enjoying wonderful 8th graders, which is a rarity. Jenn, our team's math teacher and team leader, was voted "teacher of the year." We were so proud! So we used it as another excuse to take a team picture [Jenn didn't want us to put "Teacher of the Year" in the background, but rather "Team of the Year." We accepted]. From left to right: Cy [science], Jenn, Deloris [special ed.], me, Jeremy [social studies]. And I'm not sure what we are all laughing about in the one on the bottom...who know?!! We're always laughing about SOMETHING! I love my team.

So there you have it. Things I've been doing. And now I'm off to make some Chicken Kiev as our Easter dinner. Yum.

And in light of the Easter season, I'm going to leave you with some lyrics that are especially close to my heart during this time: Behold the man upon the cross, my sin upon his shoulders. Ashamed I hear my mocking voice call out among the scoffers. It was my sin that held him there, until it was accomplished. His dying breath has brought me life; I know that it is finished. Why should I gain from His reward? I cannot give an answer, but this I know with all my heart: His wounds have paid my ransom.


Micah Wolf said...

I find it funny that we both blogged about March passing us by on the same day, at almost the same time.

Aunt Lois said...

Hi Kelsey -
I love reading your blog - I think I check it just about every day! Just wanted to say "Amen and Amen" to the last part of this one. Hope your Easter was a blessed one!

Love, Aunt Lois

Kali said...

Is that a stir-fry I see? I feel like I possibly inspired that. Just sayin.

Also, so glad you're going to write your love story! I keep thinking about doing the same.

Sharon said...

I knew you could sew a button on, I just knew it! And very neatly I might add. Recipe for the featured dish??? Looks like something your dad could eat and I would love!

Sharon said...

I knew you could sew a button on, I just knew it! And very neatly I might add. Recipe for the featured dish??? Looks like something your dad could eat and I would love!