oh my!

No, I'm not "oh-my-ing" about lions and tigers and bears, but rather the way in which God has recently grabbed Brent and I by our collars, thrown us on a tilt-a-whirl, and flung us into our future. I don't know if that is the precise analogy I am looking for, as it sounds a bit too harsh for the very personal God I have recently had holding my hand, but it's nearly ten o'clock, state testing is tomorrow, and ...so there.

I don't have time to quite go into detail this evening, but will hopefully blog more in depth about the aforementioned "flinging" tomorrow or Wednesday. In the mean time:

- I bought myself Crest White Strips this weekend. I haven't used these since my wedding. I love them. They bring me happiness, which I understand is silly to say, but it's true. I look in the mirror, flash a smile, and the whiteness makes me happy. Judge away.
- I was also recently kissed by the sun and my arms, legs, and face display the truth. This also brings me happiness.
- I have a student who frustrates me to no end. I am blessed to be able to say "a student" because this year there is seriously only one who unnerves me like he does. We are both very stubborn people. It's an interesting little thing we've got going. But today was a good day with him. When other students got in groups to do their assignment, he remained at his desk. Usually this means, "I don't feel like doing work, leave me alone, I'm going to ignore everything you say to me." I didn't feel like butting heads and so, like many times before, I tried yet ANOTHER approach with this kid. Instead of assuming he wouldn't do his work, I assumed he would. This was not spoken, might I add. I sat down at my desk, which is right next to his as every good teacher knows is the oldest trick in the book to put the troubled kid by you. I had a pack of Starbursts that I had picked through and only the yellow remained. "Hey," I said nonchalantly, "you like yellow Starbursts?" He looked up startled, and shook his head yes. I handed him a stack. He smiled great big and said a giant and sincere THANKS. And then...hold your breath folks... he STARTED TO WORK! I acted like this was no big deal, checked in with the other groups, then headed back to my desk. This is when I remembered a forward my mom had sent me about a Vietnam veteran... this student had recently given a speech about how we should respect our veterans [that is another story in itself for how I got THAT out of him...I was very proud]. I printed the email and casually brushed by his desk..."Uhhh...hey, I got this email today. Looked like something you would be interested in..." He began reading; I walked away. I secretively spied on him and he was intently reading it. He finished, read it again, studied the picture then called me over. "Did you read this?!" Seriously, man? Why else would I have given it to you.... bite the tongue, Kels, bite the tongue. "Yeah. Pretty cool, huh?" He said, "Yeah this is awesome. Can I keep this?" I coolly said, "Yeah, sure." And then...sit down for this one...he got back to work and FINISHED what he needed to finish by the end of class. Never once did I say, "Focus. Regroup. Come on, get to work." etc. I know all that I have to show for it are some empty yellow wrappers in my trashcan, but I was pretty proud! :-) And even though it is nearing the end of April, I'm just glad I hadn't quite given up on him.
- Brent and I went to the store tonight and bought a frozen pizza for supper. We ate in the living room with our feet up on the coffee table. I felt like a slob, a horrible homemaker, etc., but when I had no clean up, a fed husband, and a smile on my face, I didn't care.

Forgive me for the random post, but now it is bed time. Adieu, Adieu, to you and you and you...


Aunt Linda said...

Your posts bring ME happiness ... seriously, they do. Or tears ... but this one, definitely happiness. We need to talk soon.

Kali said...

You need to get over feeling like a slob/failure for frozen pizza. Seriously. I'm pretty sure I accidentally fed Dan moldy bread last week. I just told myself afterwards that it gave his immune system a little extra "boost."

And good to know that yellow starbursts can be so motivational!

just the usual noises said...

you might just be my happy thoughts

im so proud of you always

Sharon said...

I didn't know you paid attention to the Sound of Music.