uncle b

As you may have read, Brent and I took a fabulous and much needed weekend trip to Nashville.

As you may have guessed, I indulged myself in taking plenty-o-pics-o-Caroline. I have decided to bring them to you in a few separate installments, lest I overwhelm you, and lest I lose my mind uploading for hours on end.

[Special note: for those of you who frequent this blog and don't know my family/Caroline, you may wish to tune back in at a later date, as I am a bit smitten with this little one. Fair warning.]

This installment, as you may have gathered from the title, includes photos of Caroline and her favorite uncle. For those of you that may not know Brent too well, it is kind of a bummer that I married a guy who has such disdain for little ones, as you will be able to conclude from the following pictures. [please note sarcasm]

I know I am in this picture, but the rest are just Caroline and Brent, I promise:

This is the definition of mesmerized. She was in love with Uncle B's guitar...and he was happy to appease her.

This series includes some good ol' fashion, rough and tumble floor time. [And I know technically Brent isn't in all of the shots, but you get the point.]

And this one is just because it is awesome. And I can't wait to share it!


just the usual noises said...

OH my dad!!! These are great. She is so stinkin cute I could wrap her in some bacon......sweet and savory:) (ps you should try dark chocolate dipped bacon its divine)
Brenter what an entertainer ..he's such a rock star he even paints his finger nails black..ha
She looks like my little Ivy with that white head and blue eyes...but that last picture reminds me of my Henry Boyce:) he makes that face:) love you both, that is why I will say: make some babies of your own would ya!!
aunt b

Sharon said...

It appears that Miss Caroline is quite enamored with her Uncle Brent (love the pictures of her and him with the guitar!) and it makes her happy just to be near him. He tends to have that effect on people! They're both pretty sweet.

*carrie* said...

Wow, what a great smile!

Could you please come our way and take some pix? Either Natalie's not very photogenic, or there's an issue with the, um, photographer (or camera?!) because our photos never turn out so well!

Aunt Linda said...

WOW, Kelsey! Adorable subject, awesome pics. What a lucky little girl she is to have an aunt with such a good eye (and good camera!). I knew the pics were coming so I've been checking! Glad you had a good time!