*Brent and I are getting ready to hit the road for Nashville. Looking forward to a weekend with family and many hugs and kisses from Caroline.

*Appetizers: Several asked, so here is the deal: club crackers, topped with 1 tsp of parmesean cheese, wrapped in half a piece of thin bacon [tightly], baked at 250 for TWO HOURS on a sheet with a rack. Enjoy!

*Have I ever mentioned I am the Yearbook sponsor? Probably not, because I hate it. Our deadline is Monday. I will be happy on Tuesday.

*One thing I wondered/thought about on the drive home today: What is the proper etiquette when you are passing others' vehicles, or pull up next to someone at a stoplight etc? Is it okay to look over into their car/truck/van/suv/whatever? Or is this like looking into someone's windows at home? Hmm?

*Time to hit the road. Will write more later. And pictures to come, I'm sure :-) Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...
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Jenny Mahr said...

I've checked this 4 times waiting for an update. You haven't emailed me or posted on this. What are you doing---teaching?