Sweet Caroline...la la laaa

It has been a great day. The sun was shining, Kali was a bit perkier, and Caroline had a few visitors.

Here are some more pictures, again, in no particular order :)

Kali was "dressing her up" tonight. We all decided this bow was a little much at his point... although I think she's ready for Vegas :) This was much more her style.

Before Papa had to leave, we took a family picture

Caroline holding Papa's finger
Staring into each other's souls :)

An Irwin trait I'm afraid I've picked up...the "squeeze"

She's remained very alert today and her eyes have been open quite a bit; she's eagerly taking in the world

She has officially been inducted into our family. I think she'll be ready for next deer season.

This is my favorite one yet!

I was even able to steal a minute to finish the canvas I have been working on for her room.

Caroline is currently in her Uncle Brent's lap beside me and just finished her first round of Patty Cake. My mom is on his other side staring intently hadher. Kali is doing well, and Dan is watching football. It's a good night, and Caroline will be celebrating day one in an hour!


Micah Wolf said...

so cute. love the rolls....so sweet. again can't wait to meet her. the bows are cute too.

Anonymous said...

This is Jessica, Kali's friend and neighbor. Thanks for sharing your niece with us. She sure is sweet.

Anonymous said...

Kels - I came over from Kali's blog and those pictures are TOO cute! :) Love "the squeeze"
- Amanda Allen

Mama Mote said...

Thanks for sharing these pictures. Caroline is so beautiful, just like her parents. So excited for them.

just the usual noises said...

AHH so perfect...I love the one with her holding papa's finger, great shot!
Congrats to all!

Shelby said...

Thanks for posting these Kels! They are great :) Kali looks amazing! And that is a great family picture of all of you...That is one good looking group!