A few funny moments I want to document/share before I forget them:

Situation 1:
Student approaches me before class. I am standing just outside my door welcoming students like I do everyday. He stands directly in the doorway and begins telling me that his leg is really hurting him (completely oblivious to students trying to enter the classroom). He informs me he has tried ice and Tylenol but nothing seems to help. After about 2 minutes, I say, "Well, you're not really going to be running laps in my class today, so why don't you have a seat and we'll see how it feels in a bit."

Fast forward 10 minutes: Student approaches me again, "It really hurts. It even hurts when I'm sitting down." Me: "Why don't you go to the nurse." (Even though we've been informed not to send kids to the nurse unless they are puking or bleeding, since we have so many sick students currently. At this point though, I throw protocol out the window.)

Fast forward about 3 minutes (yep, the nurse has obviously dealt with this kid before): Student returns and has a seat.

Fast forward about 5 minutes: I'm walking around room while students are participating in stations. I enter the 5 foot radius of this student and he begins talking, "Man. I don't know what I did to my leg. It's so weird. I really want to be able to run track but........." I nod my head sympathetically and move on.

Fast forward about 8 minutes: I walk past once more. "Oh man [rubbing upper thigh], I really hope it's not broken." Me: "I think you'll be alright."

(Update: This was Monday. He hasn't mentioned his leg since (nor is he in a wheelchair). 8th graders!)

Situation 2:
Student walks into Social Studies looking upset, with head hanging.

Jeremy (teacher) asks: "What's up with you, man?"

Student: "Puberty." Proceeds to seat. End of discussion.

I've got a lot of grading done this weekend, so far. Tonight I hope to put it away and spend some time with Brent. Tomorrow our good friends, Meagan and Shane, are going to come hang out and spend the night and Monday with us. Will blog more later. (Brent is sling free in 6 days!)


just the usual noises said...

Kels...Thanks for all the numbered comments:)
Yeah I tend to post several blogs in one day because I get really backed up..mainly because it seems all my blogs are based on pictures...and it takes me awhile to get them off my camera and get posted AND sometimes I do them out of order which kind of bothers me. I do however have alot of poem/lyrics I wrote in the last year(well alot for me)...I posted some on myspace, but have never gotten any kind of response from it so Im thinking of randomly posting them on here. I was listening to alot of music at work while I was shipping to pass the time, and all the different artist really inspired me to think and write. I always wanted to be a good writer and in highschool I dont think I was...its like I tried too hard or something, would get frustrated. It might have been cause when I was trying to write..I had waited until the last moment to do it, like I did most homework assignments:) SO now its more of an outlet and I love it.
I also had been inspired by Eli. I remember when we were first married I would wake up in the middle of the night and he would be up writing...writing about his dream. He is an amazing song writer and I get really intimidated by him (with lots of stuff) so I rarely show him things Ive written...but surprisingly when I do he likes them..sometimes I think he is lying but:) maybe he isnt and Im just to hard on myself.

Which brings me to talk about your golfing experience. First of all I was only better at most things than Brent when I was taller than him...then he started juggling and doing random stupid human tricks, that I could never do. (but could he do THIS...) Brent would sit in his room for hours practicing dance moves...juggling moves, playing the drums, playing the guitar...and then move outside and practice doing a two and a half back-flip on the trampoline. After we were in highschool he kinda made me sick at how athletic and good he was at practicing so many things and being able to do them, and do them well. (jealous) So I understand your frustration on being instructed by someone who is just naturally good at everything:) but I bet you have talents that he could not even attempt..and you will be better at then him:) HA Im the same with Eli...here I have this musician living with me..I could get FREE lessons:) but I am alot like you in that I want to be good right away..and having him try and explain something to me saying, 'you understand?' and me saying, 'i have no idea what that means' which in turn 98% of the time makes me cry cause I SUCK...would probably get discouraging for the teacher:) That is how competitive and emotional I am though:) BUT I have to say he taught me some things on the drums that I still remember and that Im fairly decent at...one time I sat in for the his drummer cause he was gone one night...playing drums to a Bob Dylan song..and Eli told me I did pretty good considering I rarely played:) That made me feel OH amazing!:)
Wow I have been writing a lot for a comment:)
Im glad you are having a good year this year with your kids!! You were meant for teaching..I only wish you lived closer, I would pay you to home school my kids!!:) ha I would!

BRENTER: I hope you feel better and when your arm is healed you should take Kels out dancing!! you little rhythmic machine:)

KELSEY: I love you so much and I cant wait to see you this October and November and December! I hope:)
ps I have decided to start sending you clothes..I have gotten rid of soooo many recently, and if you are worried about not having enough clothes for work, Ive got you covered babe!

Ok I better stop so I can make dinner.

Elizabeth said...

situation number 2 would be the reason for me to go into middle school teaching. hahaha!
middle schoolers are hilariously honest.

Regan said...

Haha! Kids are so funny. Mine are sneakier to get their way. I was informed by a loudmouthed girl yesterday that she would DIE unless she could get a drink (never mind that she was 5 min tardy to class because she was jawing with her gal pal right beside the water fountain) Apparently, she said that she takes medicine that names her mouth dry...and that she would become SEVERELY DEHYDRATED if she didn't get a drink immediately! So then, finally she got to get a drink. She came back and asked to take a trip to the library because she needed a new book (never mind that the book that she initially chose was about Rastafarians ...and she choose said book because she thought that it would talk about smoking dope.) So, she FINALLY got to go to the library and she never returned.

Ahhh, if only my kids legs hurt! :)