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I think spring fever has hit! This weekend I decided it was time for Brent and I to dig through out clothes and see what could be "ousted." It was a long process...

Here is the pile of clothes that we ended up with!:

We had A LOT of T-shirts that we realized we don't wear anymore. This is Brent's stack, and mine was about half this size. :

We decided to donate the clothes to "Life Bridge," which is at a "Goodwill" type organization operated at our church.

Boy oh boy did it feel good to get rid of excess. I can't believe how much "stuff" we accumulate! I hope to do this with other closets and cabinets in the apartment soon!

On Sunday the guys all got together after church and had fun dunking (for about 4 hours!!) Then they all headed to our apartment to watch the selection show for March Madness. They were all furiously filling in their brackets. Oh the joys of "bracketology"

While they were quietly occupied in the living room, us ladies made a nice Italian supper. Meagan was apparently excited!

As these were winding down, I made italian sodas for everyone! It was a lot of fun. (The guys cannot take a serious picture.)


The bad news is, I did have to re-enter half my grades because they were lost in the system somewhere (luckily/unluckily, it wasn't just me that this happened to). Good news it...grades are OFFICIALLY posted (but are grades really ever complete?!)


Brent said...

Clarification...Life Bridge doesn't sell their donated cloths...other than that, i wanted to say that i am super sore from dunking...but it was totally worth it.

Anonymous said...

That first picture kind of reminds me of what your room used to always look like when you lived here!


PS I miss it! Love you!

Micah Wolf said...

I like the ABC theme...keep it up