drinks, daylight savings, and drives

(Yep, I'm still on the letter kick...hang with me, I am waiting to see what letter will throw me off, or when I will get tired of it, or when someone else will complain :)

This weekend was absolutely gorgeous! I could not believe how nice the weather was. Brent woke up early saturday to go to work, and this particular day was a "work day" on the outside fields, so he spent all morning in the high 70s weather. He came home tired, but I hadn't even been OUTSIDE, so while trying to decide what to do we walked to the mailbox, got one to many bills, and then headed back to the apartment. I really wanted to go somewhere: walk, play catch, have a picnic...whatever?! Eventually I decided that I wanted to go to Starbucks (which is always such a treat, and I still had a partial giftcard) and sit outside there and enjoy the drink and the day. But then the truth came out of Brent's mouth: "Well, KU plays at 2."

So we compromised, without a fight I might add (we are getting good at this business), and this is what we came up with: I mixed up some great orange julius' (a recipe from one of my freshman that I student taught!), and we sat on our own porch, and instead of facing out, turned our chairs in. Yep, we watched the game whilst we sipped our tasty drinks on the porch and enjoying the sun! :) I snapped a few shots:

Daylight Savings:

Does anyone know why this is still a part of our year to year culture? Every year I absolutely hate switching back the clocks. Not only do I lose a precious hour of sleep, but it feels like I am losing an hour of my life (which I know technically is not true). I also loathe waking up now (and before, let's be honest with ourselves), because it is so incredibly dark out still. UGH...Dang Benjamin Franklin, why did you have to invent such a thing?!


Brent and I have been slowly saving up in the hopes of finding a new set of wheels! We're planning on cracking down and buying a new car when the school year is over, unless we find a great deal before then. Although our budget is low, we know the end result will HAVE to be better than what we are currently driving. In case my car overhears me typing and feels insulted, I must add however that my car and Brent's, for all practical purposes have been incredible cars. Yes, we have both had our fair share of maintences, check engine lights ( Brent is premanently on, and mine randomly comes on and goes off), mufflers falling off etc. But all in all we felt lucky to find the cars we found at the prices we did when we both needed them (oddly enough we both bought our Grand Ams the same year, and they are a year a part (96 and 97). They saw us through many LONG trips to northern Iowa and Southern Missouri.

We are not looking for a car because we feel we need the biggest and best, we are looking for a car because we feel ours may completely fall off the hinges at any given moment (There have seriously been times that I have hit a bump and cringed, thinking that the body would just fall of the wheels, or that I would see a wheel rolling past me, or that I would look in the review mirror and see my engine). We are not looking for a NEW car, but one we can pay in full and feel at peace driving on a day to day basis. I will keep you updated. And in the meantime: does anyone want to buy a grand am? :)


Lauri said...

Boy, Kels, after all those wonderful words about your car it sounds like a tempting offer...? It would bring me back to the days of all the old "bombs" my dad had for us to drive. Now that would have been some major blogg material back in the day!

Micah Wolf said...

looks like fun. Got my present today. Thank you so much! I love it.

Kali said...

Take the plunge, Kels - a dependable car is totally worth it! And for the record, while I hate the day or 2 it takes to adjust to daylight savings, I am a much happier person when I get home and still have some daylight to burn.