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It has been way too long once again and so I am forced to consolidate and label... here we go:


Although this school year we have had our fair share of unexpected breaks (a week in the fall for a wind storm that knocked out power, and then an ice storm that did the same in January), I have realized how necessary small breaks, even a day!, are for the ordinary teacher. We are now officially scheduled to go to school until June 5th (teachers last day will be after that). Gross. OH! And they plan on bumping up the start of the school year next year so that we don't have this problem again...which only means that this summer will be WAY too short. Okay, enough complaining, I know most of the "real world" works during the summer, and I should consider myself blessed----but STILL!! Can I complain a little? Also, Spring Break is coming up in FOUR weeks. I will be flying home for a few days and then driving up to good ole O.C. for some much needed visiting with family and friends and professors and the likes that I miss so much!


Last night Brent and I randomly decided that we wanted to go "do something" which led us to the movie theater. We still get in with a student discount because we have "student I.D.s" If, however, they ever ask for "current student I.D.s" then we pay full price because I cannot lie, even if it will save me 5 dollars. Wow...I digress. Back to it. There have been a couple of movies we have wanted to see, and we decided on The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. I had heard mostly positive things about this movie and thought it would be alright...... fast forward almost THREE hours later... I wouldn't say it was a bad movie, but I wouldn't say it was a great movie either. It's not one I would tell a friend they had to see, but might say, "Yeah, you could maybe rent it sometime down the road." It was very slow paced. For those of you that have NO CLUE what I'm talking about, this movie, starring Brad Pitt, is about a man who ages backwards. Although it is a unique and fresh idea for a movie, it was drawn out, and the overall message was somewhat disappointing. It really reminded me of the book of Ecclesiastes-- throughout his life Benjamin is searching for purpose and pleasure and he tries finding it mainly in sexual relationships (never within the context of marriage, of course), and many other adventures...and I think he, like the mystified movie-goers, find that everything is meaningless. Have any of you seen this? What did you think?


KU: 90

Rock Chalk Jayhawk!!!


Last week I FINALLY attempted making my mom's wonderful cinnamon rolls (if you have never had these, put in your order and I'm sure she won't charge you much :). It always looked too complicated for me, but I was very pleased with the result. Not only did they look like hers, but they tasted the same and got rave reviews too! I tried to take a picture but my camera didn't have enough juice. Next time. This week I will be attempting her infamous cheesecake... and I just don't know if I can do as well on this, as it is a little bit more finicky. I'll keep you updated.


Mondays + 8th Graders. But the school day is over, the worst feat of monday has been accomplished (that is actually pulling my body out of bed), and my feet only mildly hurt (I suppose that is a perk that Friday doesn't have! By then I'm totally SPENT!)

Well I guess that just brings me to bye bye. I'll try to do a better job this week. Last week I felt like Brent and I were playing catch up as we both were sick, and on top of that I had all his gross Ethiopia laundry to do :) But I, ever-the grateful-and-always-seeing-the-positive-wife, was simply glad he was home...right?!

More next time.


Roberta said...

I loved catching up on all your "happenings". :)
That is so crazy about the electric chair. Does NOT surprise me! :)

I was actually rooting for Melissa...but did you watch last night!?! Oh the drama!!!

Pb said...

Kelsey, I must say I enjoy reading your blog. As a retired junior high teacher I am amused to read your concerns and struggles that are all so familiar. No Child Left Behind or any other government intrusive program will ever change the dynamics of what actually takes place in the classroom. Human nature is always the constant!
I remember you and Brent in my prayers from time to time.
"Uncle" Paul