what has happened to all the pineapple juice?!!?

Mom and I have been trying to get all of the ingredients for the punch on Saturday [yes, the wedding is Saturday...can you believe it!]. We went to two Wal-Marts last Saturday--- the first one only had one of the three ingredients, Cranberry Juice, but not enough. The second had the rest of the Cranberry Juice we needed, but still no [off-brand] 7-Up or pineapple juice.

Today I went to yet ANOTHER Wal-Mart... this time I DID find "Twist Up"[you'll never know the difference, I promise]. I then went to the juice aisle only to find 2 more EMPTY shelves where the pineapple juice was supposed to be. I found someone and asked them to check in back, but no such luck there either.

I can not figure this out! Where in the world has all the pineapple juice gone?!?

[Other then this minor detail, wedding things are falling into place quite nicely-- the forecast even called for sunny skies today :) ]


Anonymous said...

I think I have some room left in the back ... do you want me to bring pineapple juice??? Have you checked the dollar stores?

vzadventures said...

That is CRAZY!!! If you need pineapple juice, let me know. We'll go on a finding mission and bring some with us. :) I wonder what interesting thing everyone else is doing with all that pineapple juice???