a wedding, a honeymoon, and a move to kentucky...

Yes, I know... a lot has happened and I have been absent from blog world. I hope to change this soon enough [soon enough being when I get internet hooked up at the new apartment :)]. Right now I'm up at the church in Brent's "office" [cubicle], while he is "working" [playing basketball]. We are getting settled in [unpacking, unpacking, unpacking]. The wedding was absolutely perfect [in my mind], and Colorado was wonderful [we were up in the mountains and it snowed one day!]. The move has been exhausting but exciting, and Kali even made the trip up to visit this past weekend, which was absolutely great and she helped a TON! We made my first major "I'm-a-big-kid-now" run to the grocery store, and I'm realizing more and more the price it costs to be "a big kid." Yuck.

I promise I will write A LOT more later [pictures maybe too! Although I still don't have a camera so pictures of the apartment will have to wait].
I just have to let out one vent from the move: WHY IN THE WORLD does EVERYTHING have to have a sticker on it? Seriously! I think I have spent about 14 hours picking, scratching, peeling, and goo-b-gone-ing stickers: labels, pricetags, "originally hand crafted-s" etc! Whew...it's a tough job! :)

Lest I leave a few of you unsatisfied, here are a few shots from the wedding: [the first 3 are from when we saw each other before the wedding/pictures]

I like this one of Scot, Brent, and Hawkins intently watching me walk down the aisle [Derek, however, seems to have other interesting things to view].Here we are during the ceremony -- instead of a unity candle we did a "sand thing" instead.


Anonymous said...

are these from the photographer...they are great. I want to get her site (if she has one) so I can see them and maybe order a few. love you...welcome to big kid world

Anonymous said...

by the way, this Micah, I forgot I was signed it under my Peru blog...check it out by the way

Kali said...

Yay! You're back in blog land :-) So good to see you last weekend - I still am in a little bit of disbelief that you are so close!

Anonymous said...

Hey -


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