spring has arrived...finally

Well, we finally got Spring! The past few days have been absolutely beautiful-- which is a nice break from the SNOW we had a week ago. Yesterday I was able to go for a run/walk [obviously more of the latter], and I even cleaned my car out [and when I say clean, I mean shop-vac, soap and water, floor mats, toothbrush in the cracks...CLEANED!]

I also woke up this morning to some great news that my cousin had her baby! -- and it's even on my grandma's [the baby's great grandma's birthday], which I just think is pretty great. Congratulations Kris and Roberta!

In other news, I am subbing a half day today, and then the rest of the week. I am really looking forward to a) getting back in the classroom, b) earning some cha-ching and c) seeing my students again [I get to sub for the same classes I student taught in!]

It's actually finals week here at school, however, since I student taught this semester I've obviously been done for awhile. It's very nice/slightly strange. My roommates have, at least 5 times a day, have informed me of how unfair this is. However, I remind them that while they were all away on Spring Break, I was here, slaving away. :) But since it's finals week this also means it is graduation weekend. So... Saturday I will graduate: talk about very nice/slightly strange! Then next weekend my roommate, Renae, is getting married in Wisconsin. I'm in the wedding and will be leaving early next week to head up there to help out- whew! Talk about a whirlwind... then I will return, pack up things at home and prepare for my own wedding! It's going quickly.

Well, there is another wasp to be killed [this is the third one we've killed in our room in 24 hours...I'm a little nervous about that!]. Hello Spring, I suppose.

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