I tend to start a lot of my blog posts this way but... it's been awhile :).

A lot has happened since graduation. I will try to be concise yet informative for my faithful fans out there! Here are a few more pictures from graduation that I promised:

One last photo shoot with the roommates was a necessity, and it was fitting that we were in the gym. [Sidenote, Deb broke her foot playing ball a couple weeks ago. Allowing it time to recover is hard for her, as is being on crutches. Please pray for her].

With Brent before the ceremony began.
Posing with my "diploma"... which will actually be mailed to me later.

I got to sit next to my David, also an English Teaching major and a good friend. It was fitting that we ended our time at college together, as there was only one semester in my FOUR years that I did not have a class with him!

My grandparents even made it up for the occasion!

...and Brent's parents, Beck and Joan.

and of course, my parents!

I had to get a picture with dad later, as he was way up north trying to track down a Uhaul for me right after the ceremony!

The next weekend came and proved just as busy, as I headed to Wisconsin to marry off Renae. It was a beautiful wedding and she looked so wonderful. I don't have many pictures from the occasion, as I was a little busy :) Here we are hanging out, waiting for the wedding to start!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Brent was graduating! Here he is with his beautiful sister, Beth, and a goatee.

My parents were able to make the trip down to see him graduate as well!

Whew... and then it was home again home again jiggity jig... and begin the packing process! Brent and I pretty much have everything packed up and ready to go [I can hardly believe how organized we are]. Then the weekend came and he was off to Louisville to start his job/internship...and I rode along. Long story short, I had a phone interview with a middle school out there and they wanted me to come. So I bummed a ride from dear ole Brent and had another interview on Tuesday. I guess you could say it went really well, as they offered me a job at the end of it. I didn't accept right away as I had another interview set up for Wednesday, so he told me he needed to know by Thursday [yesterday], as there were EIGHT other candidates he would need to let know! wow!

Wednesday came around and I went to the Christian School and oh my goodness I felt out of place. It was in a very affluent part of town and up on a hill with white columns and a brick building. Very impressive campus to say the least, and I put my redneck ways aside long enough to have another good interview! :) The middle school principal there was a very sweet southern lady and I could have talked to her for hours. However, during the interview I believe she only asked ME one question [regarding classroom management]. The rest of the time she talked about THEIR school, THEIR curriculum, etc. Which is okay, but I really felt the public school was interested in learning about me, to see if I could be a good teacher and fit in with the direction their school was going.

I also loved the public school's set up, and how they explained their ideas to me. I thought it was interesting that one of the teachers in the interview informed me that their school district takes education very seriously- when Kentucky Superintendents were told to cut some teachers for pay reasons, their County did not cut a single teacher, but rather office personnel and board members etc...as he believed that the teachers were the most important part of their school district. I thought that really said a lot about them. Anyway, I'll have 4 classes a day [longer periods than normal] with about 30-35 per class. I will also get 2 prep periods [they give all their teachers that as this allows them time to meet as departments and 8th grade teams etc]. It sounds like they really have a lot going for them and different people I talked to in the area said that this school distric was supposed to be the best in the area!!!I am very excited. Of course I'm a little nervous, but they have a great teacher induction program as well in Kentucky, which will be great. Some extra paperwork, I'm sure, but helpful. Now I am just trying to figure out all of the requirements for getting my Kentucky certificate, and besides some forms, 300 dollars, and a couple tests, I should be in business :)! YIKES!

So...as of yesterday I accepted and officially have a job next year as an Eighth Grade English Teacher in KentuckY! Hard to believe how everything is falling into place.

I flew back home on Wednesday, and Brent will be there until next Wednesday. He is really loving his job at the church as well, as already was able to play in a softball game last night [which his team won...and during which he turned a double play!]. He took some pictures of our apartment, the church, my school etc...and I'll post those at a later date.

Sorry this is a novel. A lot has happened and I wanted to reward those who have been patient enough to wait :)

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*carrie* said...


I was glad to read this update. I find it so interesting that you ended up with an EIGHTH grade position, as that was the same grade I taught. I should've sent you home with some of my materials!

Will be thinking of you on Saturday--we're so excited for you.

Nathan says "hewo" =)