I'm official.

Well, I graduated from college. It was a whirlwind of a weekend: Friday night was Baccalearuaeoritqwre. [Trust me, no one knows how to spell it anyway!]. I had to say a little thing and talk about nervous! Everyone kept telling me that I teach and I'm in front of people all the time-- I reminded them I teach seniors and freshman who really aren't paying attention more often and not... and this was parents and grandparents who wanted to hear that their 90,000 plus dollars they spent to send their child to college was worth it :) It went well though.

Then Saturday morning came and so did the rain--oh well. I'd rather it rain on my graduation then my wedding [June 7...keep praying]. I had "reserved" a UHaul trailer to send some of my stuff home, and there wasn't one the right size at the local location... so immediately following graduation my dad missed lunch and drove to Vermillion, South Dakota!! What a trooper. Then Brent's parents, my grandparents, Aunt Linda and Uncle Al, and my mom and Brent all shared a meal....then it was time to rush back and check people out of the apartments [part of my job as an RA- everyone had to be packed up, cleaned up etc by 5pm]. It was a little hectic and I was 100% exhausted by the end of the day.

Sunday everyone helped load all my stuff, and then they were off to Missouri and I was off to cleaning the apartments. At about 5 oclock I had everything vacuumed and dusted and...you get the picture. Then a few goodbyes...then to my aunt's and then to bed at 9:15 [I am serious!!!] I slept in until 11 this morning!

Tomorrow I will head to Wisconsin to help Renae get married off on Saturday! Then back to Missouri. I'm sure posts will be few and far between, but I hope to keep you updated on my never-a-dull-moment-life. Here is the only picture I currently have from graduation-- Dad took some, and I will post those when I get home. These are all the women I was priviledged to be on RA staff with last year:


Kali said...

Does Mel really have a cup of coffee in her hand in this pic? Classic! This picture is a little surreal to me - I feel like I just helped Katie G & Miss Hamburger (okay, Mrs. Lunning) move into their Freshman room. What the heck?! Oh, and you too, I guess ;-)

Travis Long said...

congrats on the graduation...I will see you at the wedding. consider this my RSVP