finals week

Well...it's winding down for me folks! I had my Human Anatomy final yesterday morning, finished up my memoir portfolio [totaling over 60 pages of writing!] and right now I will soon be off to the library to [cross-my fingers] finishing up my "take-home" exam for Linguistics [this could be wishful thinking however, as I have to write almost 3000 words for this one!]. I really want to get this one done today as my motivation is waning, people are leaving, and it's getting colder.

Yesterday I had a nice treat though as I was able to spend most of the day at Aunt Linda's. What a blessing that place of refuge has been to me these past 4 years. More than once have I just freaked out and needed a place to go to take a bubble bath! Her and Uncle Al have always been so accomidating to Brent when he comes as well. I have no idea how much food of theirs I have eaten over the years or how many loads of laundry I have done...but I'm sure I owe them forever now! :) I worked on my portfolio during the afternoon while I did laundry and then shared a pizza with Aunt Linda for supper before we headed to Sibley to see Grandma Schoon. We sat and talked for awhile and I read her some of my writings and then we even sang some Christmas carols. It was a nice evening.

But now I'm off to the library. Wish me luck!

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Kali said...

I'm so jealous of your evening with Aunt Linda and Grandma...savor the time you have left there (it sounds like you are). Good luck on that last paper! Dan's been working on his master's "thesis"/research paper. It's a doozy!