first snow

I woke up this morning to snow and ice and then rolled over and fell back asleep. I was thankful that I was actually able to sleep in as long as I wanted today. Although I have a lot of work to get done for next week, I decided to treat myself. It's pretty outside though, as there is a layer of ice which always provides dangerous beauty.

I need to get back to my project I'm working on but I thought I would share a poem I wrote the other day:

Last night I laid in bed
and words poured through me
a poem about waking up
to an overzealous alarm
and hitting the snooze
and rolling over to find you

of course it wounded better
and i repeated it, line after line
in my head so i would remember
when i woke up
the last line was wonderful
something about awakening to the
[this is where the beautiful words were]

i was so warm and tired
i didn't want to roll over and grab
a pen and paper

and this morning i woke up to my alarm
hit my snooze 4 times
and i rolled over and was awakened by
the absence of beautiful words

why do the muses torment me
at niht in bed
when they know i'm lazy and tired
when i don't want to be a writer
they whisper to me

right now at my desk
i'm drawing pictures
but i put a pad of paper
by my bed
to trick them tonight.

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