a year in review

I didn't look at my blog once while I was home over break which was amazing and a nice break from the computer, but it was also a little sad when I sat down to look at it when I got back...finals week? That was centuries ago. Sorry for leaving anyone in a limbo.

I was just trying to think back on 2007 and what all happened so a brief picture journal follows [one picture for each month...or 2!]:

January: I returned to school for the second semester as an RA in my dorm. The RA staff had a costume skating party and my staff dressed as the solar system [minus pluto...of course]
February: I built a fort with some of the women on my wing in front of my dorm... It was a fun reprieve from the homework. Also, Dad visited and put on a wonderful presentation for my RA staff.
March: a blizzard hit right when we were supposed to leave campus for sring break [talk about cabin fever!] I had to postpone a trip to Nashville to visit Kali and Dan :( However, this worked out nicely for me as I was able to go home and have Brent ask me to marry him!
April: I got to go home for easter and fly kites with the boys [Luke, Dawson, Hawkins], and then welcomed Oliver Stuart James [my R.D.'s baby] into the world!

May: I ended my Junior year and said good bye to the wonderful women I was on R.A. staff with... they really played a huge part in my life this school year. After everyone left, me and three of my friends went on a road trip to Glacier National Park in Montana...beautiful country...a very scary thing for me to travel with essentially by myself [without my family]. It was a lot of fun though! Then when I came back I was able to go to Torri's 6th grade graduation! May was a busy month!

June: June consisted of the daycare and Brent and the boys. and finding my wedding dress...which I obviously can't show you pictures of yet :)

July: Brent and I were able to go on an amazing 2 week mission trip to Jamaica.

August: It was back to school and time for the slime fight in Clash of the Classes

September: It was off to South Dakota for a friend's wedding with some girls

October: This month proved eventful as I made a trip to Joplin to visit Brent, then came back for a week of dodgeball [we were the champs] and homecoming court, and airband [we were the champs! A busy but fun month.

November: The March Nashville trip finally happned and proved well worth the wait. And Brent was named Sexy Man of the Year [or he had fun with his photo shop on the computer...one of the two :)]
December: I finished my last semester of classes and enjoyed my Christmas break. Brent and I rang in the new year by him making me a wonderful meal :)

Despite some bumps along the way, 2007 was a year to be thankful for. I hope to write about my student teaching experience soon. Thanks for being patient with me. HAPPY 2008!

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Kali said...

Hooray - I was totally in limbo and admit that I have checked this at least 20 times to see if you had returned to your post. So glad your back :)