Well, break is officially over and I'm officially freezing which means I'm officially back in Iowa again. :)

It was such a wonderful break. A brief overview:
- I was able to spend the first weekend with Brent, as he was willing to drive all the way up here to wait for me to finish classes on Monday and Tuesday. Then we were able to ride back home together and, although I slept and drooled most of the way home is was a fun ride.

- Tuesday night we went to his house and got to spend time with his parents.

-Wednesday we picked up the boys [Hawkins, Dawson, Luke] and then hung out with them for awhile. Then we made a quick trip out to my Grandparent's and saw the table they got us and are refinishing! It is so great. Then a quick trip back to my house for a [busy] supper with Paige, Torri, and two kids my mom was babysitting. It was also Brent's 22nd birthday so that was fun as well :)

- Thursday mom, dad, brent, and I got up at 4:30 to make it to the airport for my flight to nashville. The trip went well and I was in Nashville with Dan and Kali by 10! [Flying is weird].

You can go to


and read about my time there. It was absolutely wonderful to get to spend that time with them. They were so good to me and it was a great break. Although we missed being at home for the holidays, we really enjoyed the time together. [And Micah was even able to come up and hang out for a day which was fantastic as well :)]

I'm off to babysit now for several hours. Finals in a week and a half...i'll try to post more but I can't promise much these next two weeks :)

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