good weekend

For those of you who were wondering, it was another successful brent-came-to-visit-for-too-short-a-time-period weekend! [Hence the no blogging for the past few days...time is precious]. He got here on friday and helped me babysit, since that is my typical friday afternoon. We had fun with almost-one-year-old boy and played in the leaves. Brent got a kick out of him and is now jealous that I get to spend every friday with him. The rest of our Friday was spent seeing some friends on campus and then we attended a free concert on campus and chatted it up with some more people. Then we put on some sweats and did 5 loads of laudry and watched a comedian on t.v. On Saturday we went over to one of my English professor's house and made apple cider! Despite the fact that it was very chilly and windy, and we were the only students there with 4 professors and their families, it was fun! I helped at the cut-all-the-bad-spots-out-of-the-apples station, which then passed to the crank-them-here-and grind-them-up station, and then they moved to the station brent helped with, the in a ten-gallon-bucket-grind-the-pre-ground-apples-some-more-with-a-wooden-baseball-bat station. lastly they traveled to the actual press where they were squeezed to produce the cider. I think all in all we made about 14/15 gallons. We had cold hands and awkward conversations, but we came away with some great-no-sugar-added apple cider laughing. Later we put on our sweats and watched a movie.
Sunday we went to church, which we always consider such a treat to attend together, and then we went back to my aunt's house were Brent grilled steak and I "made" baked potatoes and some garlic cheese bread and my roommates came over for lunch. We topped it off with some apple cider :) Then we put on our sweats and enjoyed a lazy Sunday afternoon.
Today I went to class and he packed his things and then he met me to babysit the other boy I watch on Mondays [7.5 months]. He hung out with us for awhile and then he had to hit the road for his long 8 hour drive back to southern missouri.
Now I'm in my sweats doing homework... looking forward to the next visit.
[I didn't take any good pictures so these are what you get :) Not very creative, sorry.]

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