preparing to be a bride

Today I was doing my Beth Moore bible study and it was entitled "To Be a Bride." It was all about preparing ourselves to be the bride of Christ and what this means both now and then. It got me thinking not only about being the bride of Christ [what a glorious and beautiful and exciting thought] but also about being the bride of Brent. I think about getting married a lot these days, but never without thinking of marrying him. So many women these days miss this, I think. The wedding preperations are fun and finding the right dress is good, but these miss the point. I remember shopping for my dress and I knew it was the right one not because I thought it was beautiful or because my mom said she loved it but because when I looked in the mirror all I could think about was that I wanted Brent to see me in that dress. I didn't try on any more.

People forget that you don't just get married...you get married to SOMEONE- and I want to be prepared for that. It's not just about the wedding but about a relationship and sharing that beauty with those who have supported it. One of the songs Brent and I have chosen for the ceremony is "Come and Listen" by David Crowder and it is for this reason... it says: "Come and listen...let me tell you what He's done for me, what He's done for you, what He's done for us." It's about sharing in this and praising God for what He's done for us...you, me, us.

I cannot think about being married without thinking about Brent. I won't just be part of a wedding, I will be his bride, his wife.
Likewise, we cannot think about being the bride of Christ without thinking about Christ. We won't just be part of the ceremony, we will be His bride forever.

Just my thoughts for the day.
[and also, I am at a coffee shop, with a laptop typing this...I feel so literary and college-y :)]

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Micah said...

that was beautiful...I am so glad to see that you, my best friend, see the importance of the fact that it is so much more than a wedding, but is a marriage. I can't wait, I can't wait to see you next week!