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I was able to go home this weekend and what a blessing it was. After a very long week at school with tests and payments and errands and meetings etc, the rest and comfort that comes with being home was just what I needed. There really is a medicinal factor to pulling into my driveway. And Brent even surprised me and was able to come up for a day, which was great. My friend Cody was home from Afganistan ["the stan" as he calls it] on leave and so I got to spend some time with him. Saturday night he came over with my other best guy friends, Brandon, Derek, Jonathan, and Brent, and we had a campfire and roasted marshmellows and caught up. I think it had been about 2 years since all of us had hung out together-- it was such a blessing.
I have a lot of homework I need to get done now, so I'll just post a couple older poems of mine that a lot of you probably haven't read. Have a great monday:
living on the farm
After Jack Gilbert’s “Scheming in the Snow”

there is a time after what comes after
being young, and a time when she thinks
that she should have known better, been prouder,
been more careful. remembering the shoes,
shiny black, making the noise which only patent-leather
can make. remembering the day she went shopping
with her weathered mother of eight.
paying with the green income of beans and corn.
the shoes gripped tightly in her small hands,
not unaware of the unusual luxury or the love they proved.
moments later, after finishing her small lunch and
returning to the farm, she noticed her empty hand
and thought of the stool that had supported her shoes at noon.
when she confessed, heartbroken and tears running
down her young face, her mother said,
“don’t cry. I’ll get you something better.”
An Ordinary Day in Corporate
(after Charles Wright)

Under the skyscrapers, the business suits walk
Over the earth that is no more
Liability, commerce, inflation
Words caught between flashing streetlights,
unlike the sounds of silence
Whose sight we’ve lost and let scream away.

Meanwhile, the offices
Fidget about their business,
Unconcerned with personalities,
Downpour from the corporate wheel,
families combustible.
In the thin marriages—
Love, we think, marvelous love, everything starts in love.

Or so they say. We like to think so
Ourselves, feeling the business
Ladder into our blood stream

A bit more each year,
Tasting the lust on our tongues,
Watching the children oblivious,
Hearing their chant, come play daddy, come play…
sometimes i wonder

about us
about you
about this thing that has become
wonder if it can be forever
wonder if it can

sometimes i think that maybe
you will really see
that tomorrow you will see
this thing i carry
this habit i can’t break
this word i always use
this obsession i can’t undo

sometimes i wonder if tomorrow
will be the only tomorrow
i have with you
if yesterday’s tomorrow is the
last today

but then all i can think of
all i can do
all i can hear
all i can breathe
is you
and this love

and tomorrow fades into yesterday
and my wondering becomes

and as your words touch my ear
and your hand the small of my back

and i surrender to it
on my mind

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Kali said...

I love your poem about the lost shoes - that story has always broken my heart.