easy mac mondays

Mondays... they always roll in unexpected, and yet come with annoying frequency. Today was a good, model Monday. It started off with my alarm clock going off just a little too soon [but my roommate was great and shut the window when she left for class...this helps me get out of bed because I normally like to be cold/bundled up when I sleep and if these factors are in place in the morning I am nearly impossible to get out of bed. So Renae has started shutting the window when she leaves and by the time my alarm goes off, the room is warm enough for me to take my covers off and stumble out of bed--no doubt after hitting the snooze at least 4 times.] but I got out of bed and had time to make a cup of coffee to take to class with me, which is always a bonus if I have enough time to do that. First thing to greet me in class was a quiz, then a long lecture.

After class on Mondays I get to babysit Ollie--which makes Mondays a little more bearable. I always stick in a pack of easy mac to take along so I don't have to bundle the little guy up and haul him over to the caf [for something that is probably not near as good as easy mac!]. Today he only spit up on me once and was in a good mood.

I then took a brief nap in order to make it through the rest of the day [20 minutes]. Did a quick Taebo workout [ha!], showered [even more surprising], and then headed off to the library to study [until 7:30].

Tonight I had a "strength's quest" RA inservice meeting, and each staff dressed up in a certain color [my staff won! dessert!]. It is actually a pretty neat thing because we all take the test and then we talk about what our top five strengths are. They usually seem to fit the people pretty well. My top 5, in this order, are: - W.O.O. [winning others over], Positivity, Developer, Empathy, Communication.

Now it's back to studying for the test. I have to memorize the first thing we have recorded in our "language"--old english, which really isn't english at all: "Nu shulon herigean, heofonrices weard. Meotodes meahte and his modeathanc." The test is at 9:25 tomorrow. Pray for me.

Sorry this post probably left much to be desired. I probably could have gone without posting today but I don't want to slack off this soon. If I have learned one thing as an English major it is this: write, write, write. even when you think you have nothing good to say. [hence, this post].

but the good news is, tomorrow is Tuesday, and better yet, the next day is Chicken Patty Wednesday!
[note: the picture at the top is from my freshman/sophomore year, but it could have been taken today.]

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