3 months of Nan Louise

 Yes, I have been doing monthly pictures of Nan. I just figured I would post them every three months, and here we are...well into her third month of life!

Month ONE

Our biggest baby, Nan seemed to quickly outgrow newborn clothes and stretch out. She loved being held or otherwise entertained [read: eating], and never went longer than 2 to 2 and a half hours between feedings.

Month TWO

She started to figure out longer naps, and started stretching her feedings out a little bit. She began smiling and cooing a bit, and sleeping through the night some. At your two month check up your heart murmur that they heard at birth was gone!


Month three has been a fun one, now that Nan is laughing and cooing like crazy. [We tried really hard to get her to smile during these pictures...to no avail]. She talks more than Blythe or Becks ever did at this point, which is a bit terrifying for me ;). Sleeping through the night is hit or miss, so we're going to break the swaddle and do a bit of sleep training soon [this is when we did this with older two and they became THE BEST sleepers. Saying our prayers it works as well with this little pistol]. 

Nan, your sisters are SO in love with you. They smother you and I tell them a million times a day, "give her space...give her space..."
I'm enjoying you so much. Your smells. Your sounds. You're just so sweet. You are a fast nurser and a good nurser which is such a blessing. Like your sister's before you, you don't poop, but luckily I know what to do for you now to keep you from too much discomfort! 

 You're hair is still RED! You still have the cutest freckle on top of your head [I'll be sad when your hair covers it up...but at the rate your hair is now that could be awhile ;)]. Your eyebrows are so light. Papa came over one day and said maybe he'd just draw them on for you! 

Nan Louise, we love you SO much. We are so thankful you're a part of our family. Three months have gone so quickly, and we know you'll be crawling and walking and going to kindergarten before we know it! 

 And here are the other two little ladies in our house:

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