baby bump 3: week 38

Dear baby girl,

Well, we didn't have to make any hospital trips this week, so that's an improvement, but man oh man I've reached the point where I'm ready to meet you. It's taken me a long time to get over this junk, which my doctor said it would because I'm pregnant. So my body is somewhere between recovering from that infection and preparing for labor and it seems to be saying to me, "Whhhaaattt are you doing!?!" It's been an exhausting week and we've had to call in a lot of help. And people are so good to us. I took this picture at night, but that's not why I look tired.  As much as I look at it and cringe at how I look, it's an accurate reflection of where we are right now.

No matter what, at the end of this week you'll be in my arms. I won't feel you on the inside but get to hold you on the outside. I'm trying hard to rest in the peace of Christ and rely on the endurance that He gives. When we are weak, He is strong. You will learn this over and over in your life, sweet one.  Your earthly dad has been just unbelievable the past couple of weeks. He's had to take over pretty much every responsibility at home, plus work full time. Has he complained? Nope.

We re-packed our hospital bag and have it ready to roll. We have a few different people on standby. It really feels like "any minute" you could decide to come, and then another couple days go by. I've never had this at the end of a pregnancy... I've always been able to just rest knowing the baby would come when it was time. It's been harder to rest in that-- I just want you here. I want to see how you'll fit in our family. I want to see your nose. I want to see if your eyes are brown or blue or green, like Blythe predicts. I want to share you with others.

Last night your dad and I laid in bed and prayed over you, over me, over what will be happening this week. Over our delivery and your arrival. Over your spirit. It gets a little daunting to think about labor and delivery again. I obviously know I can do it. I know I will do it. But it doesn't really make me want to do it again ;). However, I'll be ready. We can do this. I keep thinking of the verse in Zechariah that says, "I will quiet you with My love." He is rejoicing over us with singing right now, baby girl, and He will quiet us with His love when it's time for you to make your debut.

We're ready for you. You may come any time now. We can't wait!

Love, Mom

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Mrs. White Writes said...

Praying over you, your family, and all the hospital staff as you prepare to meet baby girl #3 this week. :)