baby bump 3: week 18

Dear baby,

This is the point in this journey that I like to start documenting our progress together. You're pretty visible now, that's for sure! I just spent some time looking back at my previous letters to your sisters. I wondered what my thoughts were like then, compared to how I feel now. And I can tell you this: I am just as excited about and amazed by this process the third time… because it's YOU, and you're entirely different and new to me.

Our days are so crazy already around here, and I can't hardly imagine squeezing one more thing in, let alone another whole person! But I'm so glad we get to. I'm so glad that I'll get to see your little personality grow each day and eventually turn into some walking, talking BIG personality that will add to our family by leaps and bounds.

I'm definitely "showing" more at this point than my previous two pregnancies, but that's okay with me. I am  pregnant, so I don't mind if I look pregnant. In one week we will have our ultrasound to check you out and measure you and listen to your heartbeat, and if all looks well and you cooperate, we'll also get to find out if you're a boy or a girl. If you're a girl, I'll feel more prepared for what's coming down the pike. If you're a boy, well, Lord help me! Either way, we're ready to hold you and love you!

We love you so much. I may not have as much time to "navel gaze" as I did when I was first pregnant with Blythe, but I know that I love you deeply and fully already. Your little squirms are becoming more noticeable and every time I feel you my heart leaps with joy that you are here and that you are you. Baby, your Jesus is big and if the very fact that I am growing you inside of me doesn't teach you that, you'll have plenty of other reasons to learn just how big He is.

Stay safe, baby of mine. And, lucky you, I'm long past watching what I should and shouldn't eat while I'm pregnant, so you want it-- you get it!

Love you,

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