marathon man

Brent crossed the finish line just before 10 this morning at his first ever 1/2 marathon.

He's been training for a little while…and by training I mean every Saturday he ran. That's about it. He's a freak of nature, athletically speaking, so the rest just came naturally for him.

How did he do?

Well, he finished FIRST in his age bracket and SECOND over all! Awesome. His time was 1:41. Let me do the math for you: That is 7.77 minute miles. Ridiculous.

He did awesome. And is a little sore now. But we await tomorrow when the true pain will probably set in :). But I repeat, he did awesome!

They also had a 10K and a 5K run…Brent thought I maybe should have ran one of those [actually, I believe he suggested the 5k because he is a wise man…] but I decided that I would just drop him off at the start, grab some coffee and breakfast with a friend, then drive back to the finish. It was much more enjoyable for everyone involved that way. [I actually almost missed Brent crossing the finish because I didn't think he would be done that soon! Bad wife award?]

I'm so proud of him and will post the few pictures I was able to get as he whizzed by a little later. We have our nephews right now and 70 degree weather so I'm going to go enjoy those things right now :)

[oh, and I dropped my phone in the toilet.]


Brent said...

7.77 means... 13.1 miles with an adverage of 7 min 45 sec per mile.

My goal was 8 min miles so I did just a little better.

Brent said...

Thanks for your support Kelsey, I couldn't have done it without you there waiting for me at the finish line.