one of those moments

So I currently have 5 minutes of my lunch break left and am shoveling down pasta I made last Saturday afternoon in a few moments of freedom. It was after a JV softball tournament in the rain which was after a week of homecoming festivities. Little did I know then.

I have not had time to make a meal since. Sunday Kali arrived and so did practice [unusual for a Sunday but you'll understand why we had to on a Sunday in a moment]. So did cleaning for Caroline's big first birthday that would be at my house [which I couldn't attend which you'll understand why in a moment].

Monday came and so did a meeting in the morning and away Varsity and JV softball games. I made it back in time to see the tissue paper being put away and the dishes being done after Caroline's party.
Last night were more away games and I made it home in time to jump through the shower, throw in a load of laundry, not see Kali, Caroline, or Aunt Linda, and crash in bed.
This morning I had a faculty meeting and we have another away game tonight.
We have a home game tomorrow and a tournament on Saturday. [My softball girls are 14-2]

I haven't used the restroom since 6:45 this morning, I have bandaids on my toes to prevent blisters, and a student just asked me last hour, "Have you graded our personal narratives yet?"

I didn't slap him because I'm a professional.


Micah Wolf said...

I would have slapped him...or broken down in tears.

Anonymous said...

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