our weekend in pictures

Okay, these took me almost 3 hours to upload. So PLEASE... I'm BEGGING you...ENJOY! [Or buy me a new computer?]

Even the cute ones have to...everybody poops

Such a good mommy.

Brent and I traced her hands for mother's day for Kali. I'll post a picture of the final product soon...or in 5 years when my computer allows me

She was more than content to let us

she LOVES pulling my hair

high five


Sharon said...

Oh Kels. Thank you! These are wonderful (as usual!). It does make me sad to see that she hardly got any attention over the weekend. We might have to discuss you letting her pull your hair, though. Not setting a good precedent!! Thanks again. My heart feels better. Love you!

Aunt Linda said...

Gee, Kels ... awesome teacher, awesome writer, awesome photographer. Are you ever going to have enough hours to do it all?? LOVE the pictures and can't wait to see Miss C is person very soon! Thanks for the photo journey!

Kali said...

LOVE! Although, I'm not sure how you feel about you posting pictures of my sweet daughter filling her pants...

Such a fun weekend. Thanks for being awesome. Love you.

Roberta said...

Charlotte just said "Caroline!" and giggled with every single picture that we scrolled by. So hopefully that makes the never-ending download a little more worthwhile. We really loved meeting that little cutie in person. Hoping we can see you guys soon too sometime. :o)

just the usual noises said...

Oh my DAD...these are awesome, and she is such a softy:) Henry looks like a twig compared to her voluptuous thighs:)
Oh I wish I could meet her someday.
Such good pics Kels!!