If anyone has advice on any of the following, it may make it easier for me to make more appearances in the blogging world:

- packing

- trying to maintain livable space while packing

- using all non-perishable foods while not having to purchase any more groceries in the remaining month

- saying good bye to people you have grown to love deeply

oh, and by the way, we signed a contract on a house :-) YIPEE!


*carrie* said...

Congrats on the house, Kelsey!

I used this site before we moved to help me think of creative ways to use up ingredients: http://www.supercook.com/

As for the other stuff, I hope someone else will have some brilliant ideas. =)

Lauri said...

Kelsey - Packing - put it all off until the last week. That way you spend time with friends in a liveable apartment and it always gets done in the end. :)

julie said...

I agree with putting the packing off... But you can definitely start with stuff you don't use very often (winter clothes, crock pot, movies, books, wall hangings, picture frames, most pots and pans) and start a room (or corner) of boxes, so when you do finally start, it won't take too long. That's what we've always done.

BTW: if you need boxes, call you're local Pier1 and find out when truck day is and go that day to get some. Pier1 boxes ROCK.
Oh, and once our food was gone, we just ate out (Dollar menu!) due to our lack of dishware. it ends up costing about the same... :)

Ana-Lou said...

CONGRATULATIONS IRWINS, from the "Bottom of My LIVER!!!!"

Enjoy Your friends, put off packing like your friend Lauri said. It will keep you focused on essentials that way, then you can sort easier by packing first what you don't need to use that last week. We made meals ahead of time in freezer to bake off as needed. Then did easy salads, grill out, potato bar, sandwiches the last week. for easy clean out of perishables.

Happy Return.