You may have noticed that I had recently uploaded a new "gadget" to my blog: my playlist. My sister-in-law had one on her blog and I thought it would be something fun to try.

Well, Diana and my mom have requested it be removed. I know there are others out there that probably have this same request. It was nice when I wanted a quick and easy way to pull up songs that I liked, however, every time I went to my blog I always paused it or muted it. I figured you all did too.

So it is gone. Silence can be a beautiful thing. :)

I plan on writing when I get home this week. And you can read it without the noisy distraction of my playlist.



Amanda said...

I did the same thing a couple years ago - I loved the idea of the playlist, but I found myself muting it every time I viewed my blog and figured almost everybody else did too, so I just removed it :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Kelsey! Now I can selfishly absorb and enjoy your words without any distractions! In my opinion, there is no music better than the words you write.


just the usual noises said...