from missouri

Apparently there are some of you who check this daily and I am continually disappointing you. Well, lest you leave "Words that Sing" forever, here is a brief update:

-Brent and I arrived safely last Saturday morning. We spent Friday evening in Columbia with some Louisville friends who were interviewing for a job at a church there. We had Christmas at Brent's grandma's on Saturday and then returned to his parent's house.

- We have had some very busy days in that house, as all of our nieces and nephews are here too. Busy, but oh-so-much fun. If we aren't wrestling, making Christmas chains, playing in the snow, sliding on the frozen pond, or throwing paper airplanes we may be dressing up the kids as a live nativity (pictures to come) or possibly sneaking a piece of homemade Carmel from the fridge.

- Beth [sister-in-law] and I talked last October about doing a "trash the dress" photo session in our wedding dresses this Christmas. If you haven't heard of such a thing, it really is what it sounds like. Previous brides wear their wedding dresses in various locations and eventually get it muddy or tear it or lay in the water etc. We didn't want to completely ruin our wedding dresses, but they did get a few spots of mud. We took pictures on the pond and in the snow etc. We were freezing by the end of it but had a lot of fun. And kudos to Beth for fitting into her wedding dress three months after having a baby :) [We took the pictures on her camera and I will post them once I get them from her]

- Speaking of cameras, I don't know how but I LEFT MY CAMERA IN LOUISVILLE. What?! Just so you know....

- My parents have a dog now. Weird. Her name is Scout.

- In other news, the wind is blowing and Christmas is on the way. More to come!!!

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