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Brent and I are still enjoying vacation. However, I've heard many (well-intentioned) complaints: "I keep checking your blog...and NOTHING!" "Pretty quiet in blog land." Etc.

So, to appease my rabid fans, here is a brief update while still away from Louisville. :)

Trips made:

- Drove to St. Louis.
- Drove home to Missouri
- Flew to California (8 day trip!)
- Flew back home (MO) for a day.
- Drove to Jefferson City
- Drove back home.

Trips still to be made:

- Driving to Iowa tomorrow.
- Driving back to Louisville next week.
- Driving Kali back to Nashville.
- Driving down to Atlanta to see Micah
- Driving back to Louisville.

Events and Activities:

- Time with family
- Time with Brent's brother(in California).
- Disneyland. The happiest place on earth. (It was my first time and a dream come true).
- Dad's graduation from Highway Patrol. (Way to go, Buddy! So proud.)
- Kali's baby shower.
- Time at the lake and with family in Iowa.

Downfalls of being on vacation so long:

- Living out of bags.
- Not packing my razor and having to use disposables.
- 3 different time zones.
- Messed up sleep schedule.
- Gas money.
- Fast food (more frequently then when we are home, anyway)
- Hair supplies leaking in suitcase.
- Doing two loads of laundry.
- Sleeping in 2500 different beds.
- Being tired enough that you feel the need to exaggerate the number of different beds you have slept in.

Benefits of being on vacation:

- So many obvious benefits I need not list
- Family time.
- No work schedule or demands.
- No grading.
- Getting tan.
- Being fed many, many, many great meals.
- Not feeling obligated to keep up with email
- Being somewhere where everyone really knows you and looks out for you
- A very low electric bill for the month of June and July :)
- Hugs from nieces and nephews
- Realizing we've been in Louisville long enough that we actually know someone well enough to ask them to check our mail while we're gone.

I have taken about a thousand pictures (unfortunately not an exaggeration), and will sift through them and post some of the best when we return.

I hope that this will suffice for many of you for just awhile longer. I've realized now it is harder to stay connected while on vacation than while working! That seems strange. Brent and I are so thankful we have been blessed to have this time to vacation!

If you haven't had the time yet, be sure to congratulate my dad for his accomplishment in becoming a State Patrolman! Dad, Brent and I were so glad we were able to be there for your graduation and are amazed at what you have done.

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