an update with pictures...

If you happened to check out Kali's post you have heard about our wonderful trip to Nashville to visit her and Dan...and mom and Paige and Torri! It was absolutely wonderful and it couldn't have come at a better time for us. Here are a couple pictures from the trip:
Yesterday was Halloween, and my school encouraged students AND teachers to dress up. I didn't want to do anything over the top, as I still had to be capable of teaching all day, so I borrowed this smock from a friend of mine, donned some khakis and a black shirt, and was a Starbuck's barista! The kids actually really like it...and they all seem to love their Starbucks!
I seemed to get the most comments, however, about my glasses (which are fake...and awesome! Renae always hated them and I emailed her yesterday to tell her I wore them to school and she said this: "Glasses are acceptable if a) you need them or b) it's Halloween" :) So this one is for you, Renae!):
Brent and I didn't have any big plans for the evening, so like most other times like this we had our friends, Shane and Meagan over and played another mean round of nertz.
This picture is of course staged after a game that it looks like Shane had won (surprisingly :) I made way too many calzones (one of my new favorite things to make):... and then we watched what we felt was a good "halloween movie choice," a British flick called "Shaun of the Dead." It was a horribly funny comedy that was so over the top ridiculous that we laughed the entire time and then we called it a night as Brent had to head into work this morning for a youth basketball clinic.

Now it is time to make use of this Saturday and get some laundry done! Hope you all have had a great week!


*carrie* said...


Cute costume. I'm sure Lisa would approve. =) Nathan was a lion, and so darling (and ferocious!)if I do say so myself. I should send you a pic.

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