oh this week...but oh the weekend...

Very quickly (which unfortunately has become a mantra of mine lately), here is a run-down of my week:

Monday: Staff meeting after school, then at church until 8 (and it was a Monday...yuck)
Tuesday: Meeting before school, meeting during planning, meeting after school...at church until 9
Wednesday: Meeting during planning ... at home by 6. Beautiful.
Thursday: FCA in morning at 7:30, meeting during planning, meeting after school, at church for basketball until 8:30.
Friday: Supposed to have meeting during planning...CANCELLED, beautiful. Left school by 4 to go to grocery store. Home by 6. Good work.

Renae and Jared are coming tonight (around 9:30) and staying through the weekend. Brent had the day off and did a rockin' job of cleaning the apartment. He also went in for an eye checkup, had to have his eyes dilated, and could hardly see all day! :) What a trooper. There are still a few things to be done, and although I won't just be chillin' like I do most weekends, I will so enjoy this time with a dear and loved friend and know it will be good for my soul.... and next week are student-led conferences (our version of parent-teacher conferences), a few more meetings, and grades are due on Friday (but the beauty of Thanksgiving and home just around the corner gives me hope :)

I will most like be "out" this weekend, and hope to update with pictures next week. Hope you all are staying blessed.

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