Spring Ladies

At the end of March the fields were bursting with purple and I wanted to get some pictures of the girls. It was a little chilly and a little muddy, but I drug Brent and Papa along and we snapped for about five or ten minutes. I love all their little faces so much. Since I still haven't taken Becks' two year photos, I thought I would post these before I completely forgot about them.

such a Nan face
Please note: one sister is lovingly kissing. The other...well....

this picture just completely summarizes this little lady

After church one Sunday we headed to Brent's parents. I was outside with the girls and happened to have my camera...

We have absolutely loved this Spring. The weather. The rain. The earth worms. The robin nests. Just today the girls were chasing around a young robin that was learning to fly [don't worry, I eventually told them they were probably traumatizing it and to stand back and just watch. It got away. Probably ran into a Snort.... ]

Our house seems so much bigger when we can run in and out of it all day long. Barefoot feet. Wind-whipped hair. Gorgeous sunsets. Snacks on the trampoline. Pretending to fish with sticks off the bank and waving at neighbors as they pass by.

We are looking forward to summer with its sticky, sweet heat and days at the pool. Tanned skin and popsicles. But right now, when we don't have to worry about sunscreen and bugspray and the breeze is almost enough to need a jacket? Well right now is our sweet spot.

Soon the corn will begin to pop up, the days will lengthen, and new wonderful things will beckon us outside. But right now we will hunt those bright blue eggs, pick a few more tulips and lilacs, and sip our coffee under a blanket in the cool morning breeze.


*carrie* said...

Such cute girls! They all seem so different, both in looks and from what I can infer of their personalities. Keeps you hopping!

Torrie said...

Ha ha, I loved the Snort comment! It made me happy :)

And darling photos, as always!