A letter to my Nan Louise at 5 months

Nanny Lou,

You, my dear, are a gift to this family. You light up when you hear our voices, even if you don't see us. You are so incredibly sweet. I can't quite pinpoint why, but you just exude sweetness.

 You are pretty content. You have discovered your hands and love to chew on them. You reach for toys and grab onto them. You just started rolling over and start to holler for me when you find yourself stuck in a corner!

 You are loved very intensely by your big sisters. Sometimes you holler when they come around because you know you're about to be mauled. Sorry about that. You have a sweet little raspy voice and I can't wait until you start saying words and we can hear what it really sounds like.

 You go back and forth with being a great night sleeper. For the most part you do a great job, and other nights we have to give you your paci a few times, but that's not so bad. I'll take it :).

 When I hold you and smell your little fuzzy head, I can't believe I ever even wrestled with the whether or not we should try to have another baby in our family. Now I can't even imagine it any other way.

 Nan, you have stolen our hearts. Your dad said to me the other day, "I have fallen in love and grown attached to Nan the fastest of any of the girls, I think." I think so too. You're just so easy to love, little lady.

 Yes, our lives are busier. Loading the van to go somewhere is harder. Bedtime is much more complicated. Keeping track of all the fingernails and toenails that need to be clipped is nearly impossible. BUT. My heart has expanded in ways it couldn't have without you. God has sustained me and grown me in ways I couldn't have without you.

 Our laps are fuller. Our days jammed pack with noise and crazy chaos. But Nan Louise, I'm so thankful for you. We love you so much.

ps. a photo session with a five month old is not the easiest when your only help is a two year old. ;)

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*carrie* said...

Aww, cute!

I am amazed at how different your girls look from each other. I basically have triplets. =)