I know it's been radio silent on the ole blog lately. 
LIFE! Softball season plus a new little part time job at my church have got me all sorts of busy and exhausted. Oh. And picture-taking! ;) I wanted to share a few recent shoots I've done because they've been so fun, and because FALL is coming up and everyone needs family photos in the fall. Check out my photography page here and scroll to bottom for more details on pricing etc. 

First up I have these three lovely sistas who wanted to surprise their mom with this photo session. She had taken pictures with her sisters in their wedding dresses, and always wanted her daughters to do the same, but the day of the last daughter's wedding they just couldn't make it happen. She was sure they wouldn't ever get the pictures. But this sneaky and beautiful trio went behind her back and for her birthday presented her with these photos. How fun is that?! 

Also, small fact, it was 5,000 degrees the evening we took these. 

Then it was time to take 3 year and 6 year pictures of my boys. :) As always, it proved an eventful hour, but as always their cuteness is TOO MUCH!

And believe it or not, I didn't even pose this next one….

And a month or more ago I took some pictures of these awesome siblings. I occasionally get to keep the littlest lady and she is as full of life as she appears! And I loved getting to take pictures of these farm kids on their stomping grounds.

 I have some other sessions to share with you, but that's a wrap for now! Let me know if you want to schedule something over the next couple of months.

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