the cost of children

Brent and I like to listen to a Christian radio station around here, namely for the D.J.s. That's right. You heard correctly-- a Christian radio station that actually has decent D.J.s that ooze and sap all day but actually make us laugh and think.

One of the guys on there actually had a morning show on a station we both listened to in Kentucky. It was my favorite part of my commute to work. When I knew we were moving, I actually thought, "Oh man. I won't get to listen to Brant in the morning anymore." Weird, I know. But then he switched stations!

Brant the D.J. has a blog. It is good. You should read it. You should probably read it instead of this blog, actually, if you have a rule that you can only read one blog or something.

Yesterday he blogged on "the cost of children."

CLICK HERE to read the blog.

Basically he talks about how the media right now is all, "Hey! It costs a lot of money to have a kid! Have you thought about that?" And discusses how, for most of us, it doesn't make sense on paper to procreate. He says, "Foolish to have a kid? Mathematically, sure. And I love math, but math ain't everything. You can't play kickball with it or watch it giggle in the bathtub." 

 It's just good. And those of you that are past the kid stage and your savings aren't quite where they would be had you not had kids…well, I'm pretty sure you don't regret it, do you?

Brent wanted me to pass this blog along. So my job is done for the day.

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momiss said...

I will check it out. I just saw an article the other day that stated that to have a child cost somewhere around $250,000. I laughed and thought that I could show them a thing or two....or four! ;)
More than worth it. Always.