six and seven months of BLYTHE

I decided to start clumping months together. I will do another "outfit picture shoot" at nine months for comparison though.

Click HERE to see previous months. 

Blythe is changing and growing everyday. She is a happy little peanut: 14.5 pounds at her 6 month check up, and just shy of 17 pounds last we checked. She started solids right at 6 months and hasn't looked back! She LOVES eating. It is hard to know how much to feed her at times because she will eat anything I give her for as long as I give it to her. She really likes peas, sweet potatoes, squash, pears, prunes, and plums. When she knows it is time to eat she starts smacking her lips together. She still nurses four times a day as well. 

She is taking two naps, and sometimes a short third one in the early evening if one of her previous ones was too short. She has adopted an earlier bedtime, and is usually ready to snooze between 7:30 or 8 and wakes up any where between 6:30- 7:30. 

She has such a sweet little personality. She is sometimes quite serious, studying new faces and surroundings, and sometimes so full of laughter she almost explodes. Some of her favorite things right now are bath time, her lovey blanket, standing up and playing [she is getting quite daring and lets go and holds on with one arm], and eating.

Still no crawling, but she rolls and rolls trying to get to something and pushes herself up and backwards…and then gets mad that she is going in the wrong direction! 

Brent and I often simply refer to her as "baby girl." We are quite smitten. Brent recently said he can't imagine ever loving another child this much. 

And now, since I don't really have time to organize these pictures…here is Baby Girl at six and seven months of age: 
also, her "birthmark/ bruise" is very noticeable in some of these pictures. If you don't know about this, that bruise on her forehead has been there since she was born- she didn't fall or anything. Her pediatrician said it's totally normal. Now, Blythe, just grow some hair and everyone will stop thinking I dropped you!

Oh sweet hand dimples

With big cousin, Caroline, in their matching pjs. Caroline LOVED it. 

One of the few pics I have with her…sheesh! 

So true. 
With her friend, Wyatt. 

Her PopPop

Helping PopPop, in her overalls, put in the new dishwasher. 

Just listening to Daddy 
This was the morning after our first "up all night" adventure with her. from about 1-4 she simply wouldn't go to sleep. So we hopped in the car and took some back roads for an hour and the gravel soon lulled her to sleep. I guess I will forgive her since she has only done that once in 7 months :) 

She experienced Halloween for the first time: from pumpkin carving to trick or treating!

Happy girl after eating

She is loving toys more and more as she can manipulate things so much better 

Helping me dry off pumpkin seeds before baking them!

Helping me grocery shop. She causes a lot of people to stop what they are doing when we walk by. 

If Papa is in the area he HAS to swing by for a minute to say hi. Here he is one morning after hunting. They were  studying a leaf

Hilarious. This lazy girl is clearly proving she is my daughter. 

A family tradition on Brent's side. His dad LOVES this trick. [And don't ask me what she is wearing?! Ha.]

Halloween #1 before we flew to Nashville. Cutest bee I ever saw!

Quite the face

Getting ready for her first airplane trip!

Pretty great crew was there to pick us up on the other end! [on Halloween day…Caroline doesn't usually wear pumpkin attire]

Trick or treating: an owl [age 3], a lady bug [age 7 months], a peacock [age 14 1/2 months]

"Mom, if I can't eat candy, what's the point of this thing!"

We got to meet up with several great high school friends before Brent and Brandon ran their marathon! All of the guys here graduated together, and us ladies have joined the picture since then…as well as Gabe and Blythe [Gabe, curly hair in front, was smiling but just looking the wrong direction :)] 


cousins. More about this trip when i get my camera card! 

First attempt at swinging at the park…Don't worry I took her arms out but this was too funny at first! 

Our family knows how to rock PINK like no ones business

"Hey guys, I just rolled under the coffee table!"

Too adorable

First tractor ride with PaPa

Papa thought this was a great idea!

He didn't get much work done, though :) 

She loves her leg warmers…and pill bottles. 

Just playing peek-a-boo with Nana and Mama

Blythe has always taken a bottle really well for a baby that nurses the majority of the time. Recently she started holding her own bottle, which I just think is the cutest thing ever. The other night she didn't want to let it go though and Brent sat her down and she just sucked and sucked…and those are some fancy tights, are they not?

First time to Cracker Barrel with grandparents and great grandparents

This may just be my favorite picture of her yet. 

Sweet, sweet face

And, as always, at some point I remember I have a good camera, and that I should snap some pictures with it. Here are some shots right at the end of six months:

Don't you just want to bury your face in those sweet neck rolls?

This is her model pose. 

See, she's not ALWAYS perfect… :) 
With Great Granpa AJ on his birthday 

Baby Girl, we love you so much.
Thanks for letting us smother you in kisses and squeeze your chunky thighs.
Thanks for filling our days with joy.

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Yvette Deeks said...

Oh my! She's so lovely, so adorable! I love her photos because you can really see how happy she is. Just look at those twinkling eyes. So beautiful!