Our little family of three has been traveling traveling traveling lately.

We drove 1937 miles over 9 days, were in 5 states [almost 6], and slept 5 different places.

We got to see some of our favorite people and had a wonderful time, but we are all recuperating now. Blythe was a trooper and did an excellent job, but is now trying to get back on schedule.

Here are a few quick pictures [the first several: I let Caroline discover photo booth! oh my.]

I will blog about it all soon hopefully, but for now we are resting and getting back in the  swing of life back home.


Kali said...

Wow, I hadn't seen all the photo booth pictures! So funny! Love the one of you two with your heads close together. Also, I'm pretty sure Blythe is looking more and more like her Aunt Kali!

MW Photo said...

definitely agree with Kali - those photo booth pictures are TOO CUTE!

and, of course, I'm partial to the last two. but I think we should have taken many, MANY more. sooo.... come back NOW and we can fix that ?