number 21

If you don't count preschool, tomorrow will be my 21st first day of school.
Hard to believe.

In brief, here is what I remember from every year:

Kindergarten: Loved my teacher. "Best friend" was in class. Girl named Wendy threw up all the time. Faked falling asleep to get naptime stickers.

First grade: Got my name on the board. Wasn't my fault. Took a pretend trip to space. It was awesome.

Second grade: Teacher made us grits when we read a southern story that mentioned them. Have loved them ever since.

Third grade: Loved this year. Committed the worst crime I've ever done in school: passed a mean note about a sub. Still feel sorry about that.

Fourth grade: Heard horror stories about my teacher. LOVED.loved.LOVED my teacher. Had the biggest classroom in the school. Learned the difference between "bring" and "take"

Fifth grade: My homeroom teacher smelled like heaven. I learned cups, ounces, liters etc. Had a reading corner that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Sixth grade: Finished writing my first book, "Party On," that I had started in fourth grade. Had a boy ask to be my boyfriend for the first time. Told him no. Cleaned overhead projector for teacher all the time in math class.

Seventh grade: Started growing my bangs out. Excellent decision. Sang "My heart will go on" from Titanic everyday as a class to our civics teacher.

Eighth grade: Fell in love with basketball. Smelled formaldehyde for the first time in science.

Ninth grade: Took geometry and algebra. Hated that decision. Made varsity basketball.

Tenth grade: Fell in love with language arts. 9-11 happened during first hour Biology class.

Eleventh grade: Doubled up in Language Arts classes so I could fit in as many as I could before I graduated. Joined yearbook staff. Started to enjoy softball.

Twelfth grade: Took four English classes, and no math or science classes. Loved it. Loved sports. Yearbook editor. Student body president. Graduation.

Freshman in college: Cried for an entire semester. Made awesome friends. Figured out I HAD to study.

Sophomore year: Continued to study. Got mono. Figured out I HAD to sleep.

Junior year: Became an RA. Continued to study. Continued to get sleep. Continued to miss Brent. Took a Shakespeare class. Loved it. Got engaged.

Senior year: Took the hardest class ever: Linguistic Perspectives. Loved it. Student taught. Knew it was my calling. Graduated.

Year one teaching: Kentucky--Was a nervous wreck. Survived. Survived. Really started liking my job around November.

Year two teaching: Kentucky-- Best.year.ever. Awesome kids. Awesome colleagues. The year by which every year will be measured.

Year three teaching: Missouri-- Back to my alma mater. Remembered what small classes were like. Built a very strong community with my students very quickly. Coached softball and basketball. Was exhausted all year. Year went by in a blur.

Year four teaching: Begins tomorrow. Prayers please. Thanks.

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*carrie* said...

Love your lists, Kelsey. Here's hoping for another great year!