what in the world?

Strep over Thanksgiving and now this?!

We had some friends over yesterday for lunch and over the next 20 hours some how or another all of us got sick. Unfortunately, I got it the worst. I called in sick today (or actually filled out my "subfinder" request online...everything is so impersonal, isn't it?). I'm feeling better now and even managed to eat some of my favorite noodles.

I am typically a very healthy person. I DO NOT like being sick (of course, when I write that down it begs the question, "who really does, Kelsey?"). Maybe I should say it this way: I am a very pathetic and unhappy camper when I am sick. I'm trying to be better, and Brent has been fantastic, but I feel like I have the right to display how miserable I really feel...is there anything wrong with this?

I only have four more days until Christmas break, and I know I can survive, but it is so weird that I have been as sick as I have been this year. Weird. I just want it to be Friday, for the drive home to be over, and to wake up to mom's homemade toast and FEEL BETTER....


Kali said...

I'm sorry you're sick again. No fun. If it makes you feel any better, I've been sick more times in this past year since Dan started rotations than I can even count - ugh. Not feeling so hot right now, either. Why can't we all just be healthy?

Anonymous said...

Me too, me too. I want to just wake up to your mom's homemade toast too. Yummmm, good bread. Maybe she'll even butter it for me, eh Sharon?
Love you and hope you feel better soon!
Aunt Linda

Lyricality said...

Meagan told me what happened! wierd! Let me know if you need anything! No really. Let me know if you need anything! at least you can feel better with snow! :)