life as i know it

Well...I'm still not finished grading. I have about a class and a half left. This means around 45 papers averaging about 6 minutes per paper equaling only about 270 more minutes of grading, or roughly a little over 4 hours. So I'll be back shortly...

But then again, my KTIP (kentucky teacher internship program) has started -- which is basically DUMB. It is supposed to be in place to help me be a better teacher, but currently I feel it is actually hindering me from preparing for what I actually need to do in the classroom...anyway. If you ever want to talk about this- I'll fill you in more in person!

This past week was rough on the homesickness side. I think I'm just realizing that it has been 4 months since I've been home, and it's definitely starting to show.

Other then that: Paige got her license! WOOHOO (congrats!), my basketball league at the church will start on Thursday (no broken bones, please), and my fall break starts a week from Friday (can you come any sooner?)

I have oodles and oodles of little things I have been wanting to blog about (scribbled on a post-it note by the computer). Hopefully I will have a reprieve of some sort shortly. In the meantime, pray for my sanity, for speed in grading, and for Brent's patience with my stress (he's been great.)

More to come...now back to those pesky papers.


Dad said...

Hang in there. KTIP will pass. Bureaucracy is always a hindrence to good workers, teachers etc. Like Reagan said, "government is not the solution to the problem, government is the problem."

Micah Wolf said...

i heart kyle carroll